Publications (selected)

Cortney Lamar Charleston's poems have been published in a number of periodicals and anthologies, both in print and online, including POETRY, The American Poetry ReviewNew England Review, Granta and The Nation. Selected poems can be read at the links below. His complete publication history (with additional links) is detailed here.


"A Brief History of Violence" | TriQuarterly

"Devotion ('I Am on the Battlefield for My Lord')" | POETRY

"...Everyday Something Has Tried to Kill Me and Has Failed" | Waxwing

"Ghazal for the Bathing Ape" | Eleven Eleven

"The Hood" | The Journal

"I'm Not a Racist" | One Throne Magazine

"Lesson for Cortney" | The Common

"Melanophobia: Fear of Black" | The Missouri Review

"Obama vs. McCain" | The American Poetry Review

"Sonic & Knuckles (1994)" | 32 Poems