Cortney Lamar Charleston's complete publication history is detailed below, organized chronologically with more recent credits appearing first. Click on underlined titles for links to work online.


2018 Publications


“Animal Phat Farm” and “Jim Opus” 
African American Review (TBD)

“Psalm for P.” and “Your Face Has Always Been Peppered with Moles” 
Image: Art - Faith - Mystery (TBD) 

“No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper” 
The Missouri Review (TBD) – Poem of the Week

“The Ballad of Addy Walker: An African-American Girl Story”
Washington Square Review (TBD) – Spring 2018

“A Brief History of Chicago” 
Columbia Poetry Review (TBD) – Spring 2018

“Gangsters, Disciples” 
RHINO (TBD) – Spring 2018

“Dissplacement” and “Etymology of Hoochie Mama” 
AGNI (TBD) – Spring 2018

“Bibliophobia: Fear of Books” and “Marginalization” 
Passages North (TBD) – Issue #39

“Watching Paint Dry Is Underrated”
The Shallow Ends (Mar 2018) 

“Hate Is a Strong Word” 
POETRY (Mar 2018)

“I Regret to Inform You America Isn't Real and Neither Are You,” “I'm Woke Even When I'm Sleeping” and “Mourning While, Ironically, Waiting” 
The Rumpus (Feb 2018) – Meet the Editors

“Facts Only”
Midwestern Gothic (Jan 2018) – Winter 2018

Self-Portrait as a Constant Point of Contention
The Adroit Journal (Jan 2018) – Issue #24

I'm Rooting for Everybody Black
Academy of American Poets: Poem-A-Day (Jan 2018)


2017 Publications


“Grand Theft Auto III (2001),” “Jesus Piece,” “Ode to FAFSA” and “Ode to the Paycheck” 
Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking, & Light Industrial Safety (Dec 2017) – Issue #35/36  

“Doppelgangbanger,” “(Sub)Urban Dictionary” and “Thugonomics” 
ecotone: Reimagining Place (Dec 2017) – Issue #24, Craft

wildness (Dec 2017) – Issue #11

The National Anthem Don't Even Slap” and “Therefore Ain't No Invite” 
Sixth Finch (Nov 2017) – Fall 2017

Elegy for a False Sense of Security” and "When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Martyr
POETRY (Nov 2017)

Foundry (Sep 2017) – Issue #6

“Catfish Heaven Variation,” “Logos” and “Testimony” 
Anomaly! (July 2017) – No. 25: Sacred Americas Folio

“Grand Street” and “Sonic & Knuckles (1994)” 
32 Poems (July 2017) – Vol. 15, No.1: Spring/Summer 2017

Lesson for Cortney” and “Still Life with Black Boy’s Face Overlaying Project Buildings” 
The Common: A Modern Sense of Place (May 2017) – Issue #13 

“Dear Basketball,” “It Appears Someone Has Lost Their Whole World” and “On Developing a Shooter's Touch” 
Jet Fuel Review (Apr 2017) – Spring '17

Bibliophobia: Fear of Books
Passages North (Mar 2017)

Devotion ('I Am on the Battlefield for My Lord')” 
POETRY (Mar 2017) 

“Postmortem: 11/9/16,” “The Star of the Violence” and “W_it_ness” 
DIALOGIST (Feb 2017) – Vol. IV, Issue 1

…Everyday Something Has Tried to Kill Me and Has Failed,” “I Think I Know One When I See One” and “The Melancholia”  
Waxwing (Feb 2017) – Issue XI 

“I Said, 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death'”
Hand in Hand: Poets Respond to Race (Feb 2017)

“Lincoln Cemetery” 
Revise the Psalm: Work Celebrating the Writing of Gwendolyn Brooks (Feb 2017)

“Love Poem (feat. Drake),” “The Attitude Era” and “The Year the South Siders Got Over” 
Barrelhouse (Feb 2017) 

The Details Get a Little Fuzzy, I Apologize
HEArt Online: Human Equity through Art (Feb 2017) 

“In Case I Still” and “Telepathologies”
THRUSH Poetry Journal (Jan 2017)


2016 Publications


“Jumpman: A Ghazal with Pivots” 
The Iowa Review (Winter 2016/2017) – Vol. 46, Issue 3

“Family and Consumer Sciences” and “Triggernometry” 
Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts (Dec 2016) – Vol. 29.1

SuICIdE, iT'S a SuiCIDe” 
The Offing (Dec 2016)

“Gynophobia: Fear of Women” 
ep;phany, A Literary Magazine (Fall/Winter 2016)

“At Gunpoint” 
Apogee (Dec 2016) – Issue #8

Moving Day (New Kids in the Neighborhood)”  
The Common: A Modern Sense of Place (Sep 2016) 

“Pool Party” and “Po-Po Postlude”
Huizache: The Magazine of Latino Literature (Fall 2016) – Issue #6 

“How Do You Forgive?” 
Beecher’s Magazine (Jul 2016) – Issue #6 

Southern Humanities Review (Aug 2016) – Vol. 49.4

Nashville Review (Aug 2016) – Vol. 20  

“Hip-Hop Introspective #1”
Spillway, A Poetry Magazine (Jul 2016) – Issue #24 (Seasons)

“A Brief History of Red”
Sugar House Review (Jul 2016) – Issue #13 

A Brief History of Violence
TriQuarterly (Jul 2016) – Issue #150 (Summer/Fall 2016) 

“Homegirl's Incomplete List of Things That Won't Save Your Black A$$,” “Personification” and “Poem About Flowers” 
THEthe Poetry (Jul 2016) – Featured Poet, Infoxicated Corner Series

River Styx (Jun 2016) – Issue #96, The River Styx Guide to Money and Power

"Still Life with Young Black Woman's Face Etched into a School Desk"
New England Review (Jun 2016) – Vol. 37.2

"Homophobia: Fear of Sameness" 
Fourteen Hills: The San Francisco State University Review (May 2016) – Vol. 22.2

State of the Union"
Apogee (May 2016) – Perigee (Online) 

“Working Definition of a Prefix: Trans-”
RipRap Journal (May 2016) – Vol. 38 

“How Did They Justify the Shooting?” and “Ode to Black Love”
Puerto del Sol (Apr 2016) – Issue #51.2

“Aviophobia: Fear of Flying” and “Hydrophobia: Fear of Water”
Pleiades: Literature in Context (Apr 2016) – Vol. 36.2

"I'm Pretty Sure It's Not Called a 'Race Card' Anymore
Drunk in a Midnight Choir (Apr 2016) – National Poetry Month Series  

"Melanophobia: Fear of Black"
The Missouri Review (Apr 2016) – Poem of the Week 

“Apologia with Pregnancy Test and a Weeping Jesus,”“Ashy” and “I Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Dust”
Juked (Apr 2016) – Issue #13

Autophobia: Fear of Self
The Rumpus (Mar 2016) – The Conversation: Interview & Poem Series

“The Barbershop”
Hayden’s Ferry Review (Mar 2016) – Issue #57 (Borderlands)

“Ghazal of the Code” and “In Theory, We Are All Human”
Fugue (Mar 2016) – Issue #49 

"Chillary Clinton Said 'We Have to Bring Them to Heal'"
Rattle (Feb 2016) – Poets Respond  

Do Not Walk Through the Neighborhood of My Body,” “Eavesdropping on White Noise,” “Jump Out Yourself,” “A Letter of Complaint from Uniontown, Ohio,” “Someday I'll Love America” and “Spade
Atticus Review: six degrees left of literature (Jan 2016) – Featured Poet  


2015 Publications


I'm Not a Racist
One Throne Magazine (Dec 2015) – Issue #8, Winter 2015  

“Ghazal on the Cusp of Rage” 
J Journal: New Writing on Justice (Dec 2015) – Fall 2015 

BLK-on-BLK” and “The Hood
The Journal (Dec 2015) – Vol. 39.4, Fall 2015  

“D.W.B.,” “Facing the Music,” “Meditation on Black Death Ending with an X-Ray” and “The Melanin”
Connotation Press: An Online Artifact (Nov 2015) – Issue II, Vol. VII 

Meditation on Wings and Meeting Gabriel in a Philadelphia Prison
THRUSH Poetry Journal (Nov 2015) 

“Praise song for the black body ending in the throat of a swallow”
pluck! The Journal of Affrilachian Arts & Culture (Nov 2015) – Issue #13  

Meditation on the Casual Use of Hands
Matter: A Journal of Political Poetry and Commentary (Oct 2015) 

A Boogie Night, Age 12
Up the Staircase Quarterly (Oct 2015) – Issue #31 

You're Only as Healthy as You Feel
IDK Magazine (Oct 2015) – Issue #2

Serenade with a Happening of Thunder
The Boiler: A Journal of New Literature (Sep 2015) – Fall 2015 

An American Perversion
Drunk in a Midnight Choir (Sep 2015) 

Keep Your Mouth Shut
Juked (Sep 2015) 

“Natasha Romanoff Deactivates Her OkCupid Profile”
Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Vol. 1: Welcome to the New Hallelujah (Sep 2015)

“Still Life with Torso of Cornrowed Neo-Soul Sanger”
Crab Orchard Review (Aug 2015) – Vol. 20, No. 2 

How Do You Raise a Black Child?
Beloit Poetry Journal (Aug 2015) – Summer 2015   

“Making a Fist”
Toe Good Poetry (Jul 2015) – Vol. 5

Let It Be a Houseplant
Tinderbox Poetry Journal (Jun 2015) – Vol. 2, Issue 1

“Six Shots on Ferguson, Missouri”
FOLIO: a literary journal (Apr 2015) – Issue #30, Conflict

“Hip-Hop Introspective #3,” “Keeping JELL-O” and “Still Life with Crooked Painting and Bullet Holes in Grayscale”
Drunk in a Midnight Choir (Apr 2015)

Feeling Fucked Up
Rattle (Apr 2015) – Poets Respond 

“Meditation on Sunday Traditions after the Video Leaks” and “Still Life with the Color Orange”
Chiron Review (Apr 2015) – Issue #99, Spring 2015 

And Then a Poem Happens
The Blueshift Journal (Apr 2015) – Issue #2 

Unmaking a Fist
Rogue Agent (Apr 2015) – Issue #1 

Grandpa's War: An Anthem” and “How Did Your Mother Die?
Kweli Journal (Mar 2015)

Spell Check Questions the Validity of Black Life” and “Water Cooler Talk Ending with the Colors of an American Flag
Winter Tangerine Review (Feb 2015) – Spotlight Series: Hand’s Up, Don’t Shoot

“Self-Portrait as a Tea Bag” and “Strays”
The Normal School: A Literary Magazine (Feb 2015) 

Ghazal for the Bathing Ape
Eleven Eleven: Journal of Literature & Art (Jan 2015) – Issue #18 

“Tortures, in Subtitles”
Blue Monday Review (Jan 2015) – Issue #4


2014 Publications


A Brief History of Poetry
Rattle (Dec 2014) – Issue #46

Exhibitionism with a Drop of Blood” and “Tupac Shakur's Last Words
CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art & Action (Dec 2014) – Issue #14

Break the Internet,“ “Hip-Hop Introspective #2” and “Still Life with the Dropout Bear Sitting in the Stands
FreezeRay Poetry (Dec 2014) – Vol. 1, Issue 5

How to Fix the Roof
Spry Literary Journal (Dec 2014) – Issue 5 

“Ballad of the Broken,” “Elegy via Nintendo 64,” “Knives,” “Still Life with Woman and Balloons in Noir” and “Upon the Home Breaking in Half”
Fractal Literary Magazine (Dec 2014) – Vol. 2, Issue 1

Still Life with Light-Skinned Rapper Wearing Newsboy Cap,” “Still Life with Skateboarding Rapper Orbited by Nerd Paraphernalia” and “Windy City
Storyscape Literary Journal (Nov 2014) – Issue #13

Blackness as a Compound of If Statements
Blunderbuss Magazine (Nov 2014) 

Miley Cyrus Presides Over the Funeral for The Twerk
Rattle (Oct 2014) – Poet’s Respond 

Artfully Dodging the Subliminal and Obvious,” “Where Brooklyn At?” and “White, As Told by Black” 
HEArt Online: Human Equity through Art (Oct 2014)

“Dead Leaves” and “The Migratory Patterns of Lovebirds”
Burningword Literary Journal (Oct 2014) – Vol. 72 

Mama Speaks on Profiling
Contraposition Magazine (Oct 2014) 

Kids These Days"
Mobius: The Journal of Social Change (Sep 2014) – Vol. 25.3

Naperville, NJ” 
Chicago Literati (Aug 2014) 

American Terrorism in Seven Acts
Radius: from the Center to the Edge (Aug 2014) 

Still Life with Kendrick Lamar’s Mama’s Van Driving in Reverse
Word Riot (Jul 2014) 

“Katana’s Song,” “Self-Portrait as a Japanese Cartoon” and “Tasseography” 
Control Literary Magazine (Jul 2014) – Issue #2 

Self-Portrait as a Chicken Dinner
Lunch Ticket (Jun 2014) – Summer/Fall 2014

Regarding the Conversation Between Black Body and Sound
Bird's Thumb (Jun 2014) – Vol. 1, Issue #2 

“Black Boy's Ode to the Suburbs” and “Brooklyn Dodgers”
Linden Avenue Literary Journal (Jun 2014) 

Ode to Co-Habitation” 
Gravel: A Literary Journal (May 2014) 

Fences” and “I Have Been a Stranger in a Strange Land
Specter: A Curated Literary Website (May 2014) – Issue #24

An Old Soul Angles Inside Itself
The Missing Slate: Art & Literary Journal (Apr 2014) – Weekend Poem

“A Can of Murray's Pomade, 1990 – Present”
Kinfolks: a journal of black expression (Mar 2014) – Vol. 1, Issue 1